The Egg Story

We get asked a lot: "How'd you come up with the name 'Egg?'" Here's the story.

When Susan decided to start her company, she needed a name. Watching the film "Funny Face" with Audrey Hepburn, Susan took note of the bookstore where Audrey's character worked: Embryo Concepts.

Susan liked the idea of giving birth to an idea, but Embryo Marketing was not quite what she was looking for. After a bit more brainstorming...voila! Egg Marketing & Communications was hatched.

The Egg Team

Susan Payton


Author, blogger and entrepreneur Susan Payton speaks Internet marketing fluently, and enjoys helping Egg clients realize the benefits of social media, content marketing and blogging.

Susan has written several books and ebooks, including Lifetips 101 Entrepreneur Tips, Internet Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs, DIY Press Releases: Your Guide to Becoming Your Own PR Consultant.

She is a regular contributor on sites like, Small Business Trends, Mashable,CorpNet's Startup Starting Line and BizLaunch.

Susan began her marketing career working for private companies, and headed marketing departments in both manufacturing and investor relations before founding Egg. She has helped small and medium-sized businesses in software, technology, and business services by providing copywriting and social media services.

Susan has presented workshops on marketing, PR and social media, and has spoken at conferences including LavaCon, the Natural Products Expo, and the Hispanic Business Expo. She received Bachelor’s of Arts degrees in French and English, and went on to earn her MBA at the University of Central Arkansas.

Leah Singer


Leah R. Singer is a freelance writer, speech/ ghostwriter, and blog strategist.

She writes periodically for The Huffington Post; BlogHer;; her local community magazine; as well as other local and national publications.

She blogs at Leah’s Thoughts about topics such as family, motherhood, traditions, cooking, writing, photography, and literature. Leah lives in San Diego, Ca. with her husband, 4-year-old daughter, two dogs and two cats. Follow Leah on Twitter @leahs_thoughts.